by Mads Glenn Wehlast

Talent development in Denmark is stronger than ever. It shouldn’t be possible, but in a small country like Denmark with only six million people, football talent is bubbling up like never before. Sensationally, only France has more names represented in the Golden Boy top 100 list, which ranks talents under the age of 21. A total of ten players with Danish passports are on the top 100 list for June. This is quite historic considering the competitive situation at European level, where countries such as Germany, England, Italy and Spain spend far more money on talent. Additionally, Iceland’s Hákon Arnar Haraldsson (number 50) is also on the list of top talents. Rasmus Højlund has impressed in record time, but the next high jump among Danes in the near future could easily be either Elias Jelert or William Clem from FC Copenhagen. They have stepped onto the big stage in both the Champions League and Europa League with humility, but also with elegance and quality. Now they are ready for the next big step: delivering stable and solid performances on the biggest football stages in Europe.

Here are the ten Danes who made the top 100 list of Golden Boy nominees:

Rasmus Højlund, Atalanta – 20 years old. (number 16 on the top 100 list)
With nine Serie A goals and six for the national team, he has had a breakthrough season. He is the favorite to be the highest-placed Dane on this year’s list.

Elias Jelert, FC Copenhagen – 20 years old (number 20 on the top 100 list)
If the whole of Europe is lining up for him, it’s completely understandable. He has impressed this year and it won’t be long before he’s challenged on the big stage.

Maurits Kjærgaard, Salzburg – 19 years old (number 38 on the top 100 list)
With 42 appearances for the Austrian champions in the league, Champions League and Europa League, the midfielder has made tremendous progress in just a few years. He looks like a future national team player.

William Clem, FC Copenhagen – 19 years old (number 53 on the top 100 list)
Just turned 19, but was involved in 32 games last season. He has huge potential and is a great midfield talent.

Valdemar Lund Jensen, FC Copenhagen – 20 years old (number 56 on the top 100 list)
He has played far more than expected due to injuries in central defense.. He has made an early breakthrough on the big Superliga stage.

Lucas Hey, Lyngby – 20 years old (number 64 on the top 100 list)
The defender has had a breakthrough this season. With one year left on his contract, Lyngby will have a hard time keeping him. The nomination certainly won’t lower his price, and they could potentially receive DKK 20 million for him.

Victor Lind, IFK Norrköping (on loan from FC Midtjylland) – 19 years old (number 68 on the top 100 list)
The attacking midfielder has already scored for his Swedish club. He is versatile and can play in all three attacking positions.

Marcus Baggesen, IFK Norrköping – 18 years old (number 77 on the top 100 list)
He was sold from Silkeborg during the winter break and has immediately become a regular in the IFK Norrköping team, making 15 appearances already.

Alexander Busch, Silkeborg – 19 years old (number 81 on the top 100 list)
The talented defender has truly established himself in the Superliga this spring. The future looks very bright and promising for him..

Tobias Slotsager, OB – 17 years old (number 83 on the top 100 list)
When the talent is exceptional, age doesn’t matter. The center back has impressed and has already made 12 appearances for OB in the Superliga