With the first update of the index and, consequently, the list of the 100 finalists for the 2023 edition of the European Golden Boy, a new phase begins for the ‘Golden Boy Web‘ as well, the recognition awarded by fans through an active voting on the website tuttosport.com. In this first month, we have come close to reaching the one million votes mark, a figure that confirms the great attention given to this award, which last year received a total of 1.3 million votes.

Currently leading the race is El Khannous (45.9% of the votes), the Moroccan midfielder from Genk, who has engaged in an exciting head-to-head battle with Guler, the new Turkish star from Real Madrid, who stands at 28.6%. Completing the podium is the other Real Madrid signing, Bellingham, with 12.3% of the preferences.

From this point on, the voting starts again from zero, and the same will happen after each monthly update of the list of 100 finalists. The final outcome of the ‘Golden Boy Web,’ and therefore the award for the best Under-21 player chosen by the fans, will be determined by the sum of all the monthly votes, ensuring that no vote is lost.

Here is the link to express your preference.