The vote counter continues to rise as votes come in from all around the world, leading to the awarding of the Golden Boy Web, the prize for the best Under-21 player who plays for a European club, chosen solely and exclusively by fans and enthusiasts. After the first month, the Moroccan midfielder from Genk, and also a protagonist of the World Cup with his national team, El Khannouss, had already gained a full share of votes, surpassing Guler at one point, who had a very strong start. However, in July, the dynamics are changing due to the index update, which resulted in some changes and seven new entries in the list.

One of these new entries is Greek midfielder Giannis Konstantelias, born in 2003 and playing for PAOK Thessaloniki, who collected 37 appearances in the last championship. Konstantelias has received 54.8% of the votes so far after the first update. Behind him, Evan Ferguson, the Irish star from Brighton managed by Roberto de Zerbi, is gaining ground, with 13% of the votes, making a significant jump between the first and second voting phases. El Khannouss still remains one of the favorites, currently occupying the third position on the podium with 9.3% of the votes.
Another player whose profile is starting to move up the rankings is Diamondè, a defender from Sporting Lisbon, who has reached 3.3% in these ten days after the update.
The journey is still long, but every vote, right up to the last one, can be decisive.

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