Side by side. On the pitch, as sometimes happens on the left side of the defensive line, and also in life. Lisa Boattin and Linda Sembrant in that Allianz Stadium, that has allowed them to share wonderful Champions League nights and great emotions, this time spoke not with their running or dribbling, but with their hearts. “Our relationship began thanks to Juventus, it is thanks to football that we met,” began Boattin, who was awarded last year as the best female footballer in Serie A. “Juve is special because it brought me her,” echoes the Swedish defender, who has arrived in Vinovo two years later than her partner.

Together they recalled one of the most significant moments of these years, “in my second season here I suffered a knee injury and in the very same moment that the team was raising the Scudetto, I was in bed ready for surgery,” begins Sembrant. “For me, that was a beautiful moment because we were celebrating the victory and at the same time a very sad one because I knew she was about to go into surgery,” Boattin continues. “She had sent me a photo of that celebration with my jersey in her hand, it was a special gift because it meant that I was still there with her,” the Swede completes the story.

Who, together with Boattin, shared a wonderful trip to New York during the Christmas holidays: ‘Love makes me feel alive,’ added the full-back. ‘I think everyone should feel free to be who they are, and I have to feel good about myself and be happy“.

A message also came from Cecilia Salvai, who talked about her love story with her husband Marco Borgese: ‘We had the opportunity to live this story of a great love with Juventus… together! We met ten years ago now, obviously on a football pitch, and in 2019 we got married. One of the best memories? A photo here on the terrace of the Allianz on the occasion of the first Scudetto in 2018. I think everyone is free to love who they want and how they want.”