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The exclusive interview of the Golden Boy 2023 with Tuttosport

Jude, you have literally annihilated the competition…
“Yes, I saw. It’s fantastic. An extraordinary score. I am pleased and, of course, I thank all the judges who voted for me, granting me their favor.”

There has never been a Real Madrid player to conquer the Golden Boy until now…
“I can say I know quite well the list of winners of this prestigious international trophy that was born in the same year I came into the world, 2003. I am the third Englishman to win it after Wayne Rooney, one of my idols, in 2005 when he was at Manchester United, and Raheem Sterling in 2014 when he was with Liverpool.”

The last winners were two midfielders from your great rivals Barcelona: first Pedri and then Gavi. You have stemmed the Blaugrana dominance…
“In Madrid, many are happy, starting with the president. I knew and could experience the rivalry between the two factions of the fans. But above all, I am proud of myself. The Golden Boy is a beautiful prize.”

In the last two seasons, you always came in second, and always with a Barça player ahead of you…
“Yes, and this was my last chance because in 2024, I won’t be able to compete anymore as I’ll age out according to the regulations. Happy to have made it on the third attempt. I cared a lot; it’s a trophy for life that you can only win once.”

Gavi said that the Golden Boy is an award that all young people in the world would want to raise to the sky.
“I fully agree. An important recognition, with a significant history that has already surpassed twenty years. The list of winners confirms the goodness and authority of the award.”

Who was the first to tell you that you had won?
“I would say both the club and my parents simultaneously. An announcement that gave me immense pleasure and exhilaration. The Golden Boy is an additional motivation for me to always give more and do better.”

Whom do you want to dedicate it to in particular?
“To everyone. To many people. To my Real Madrid teammates and the entire merengue staff, to Coach Ancelotti, the president, my family, my mom Denise, my dad Mark, my younger brother Jobe, to friends who have affectionately bombarded me with congratulations and continue to do so. Without all these people, without their help on and off the field, their constant push, and never forgetting the fans who support me, I couldn’t have won the Golden Boy.

Without doing any injustice to anyone, is there someone you would like to mention in particular?
“Well, then I would say the Real Madrid physiotherapist who got me back on track in great shape and in a very short time from the dislocation I had in the collarbone.”

You won the “Absolute Best” Golden Boy and also the Golden Boy Web, determined by fan votes on the web: once again, this is a historic result for our trophy because in the first twenty years, no player had ever achieved a double. The preferences of the jurors and the fans align.
“A fact that further fills me with pride. Bringing journalists and football enthusiasts to an agreement. Beautiful.”

Last season, you scored 14 goals with Borussia Dortmund in eleven months, and now already 15 goals and 4 assists in just five months with the camiseta blanca of Real Madrid: reveal the secret of this sensational transformation.
“I contributed my part, a fierce commitment to improve with work, but the credit goes to Coach Ancelotti, who found the right position for me and gives me more freedom on the field. So now, I’m flying.”

The Madrid coach continues to praise you publicly, saying that you are unique, special, he has even compared you to Kaká…
“True, but I know that I am disappointing him in one aspect…”

But how?
“It’s that I still don’t speak Spanish… I’m sorry, but I’m encountering unforeseen obstacles with this language. It’s difficult for me, I admit. I promise, in any case, the maximum effort, guaranteed.”

Speaking of promises: do you want to make any for the future?
“I am a person who loves to compete and is ambitious. So now that I have the prestigious Golden Boy in my hands, I want to move forward quickly: I hope this award is a springboard to win many more trophies.”

Make a prediction for the next edition of the Golden Boy: right now, who do you see as the favorite?
“Excluding from 2003 due to age limits – by the way, I send greetings to my friend Jamal Musiala from Bayern, who came second, and with whom I shared the dressing room of the English youth national teams for about three years – I’ll mention three names. First of all, Arda Güler, now recovered from injuries that prevented him from debuting with Real: he is phenomenal, we see it in training and are enchanted by him. Then my former teammate Jamie Bynoe-Gittens from Borussia Dortmund. And finally, my brother Jobe, a true striker like our father.”

But Jobe plays for Sunderland in the Second Division: the regulations don’t allow him to be eligible.
“Now. But if the ‘Black Cats’ were to rise to the Premier League, watch out for him!